I hope your Valentine's Day was awesome, mine was. My hubby and I just sat around, spent time with our son and ate heart shaped pizza and heart shaped ravioli. My husband and I don't usually do gifts for Valentine's Day because my birthday is February 3rd and Christmas was just two months ago. This year, I stumbled upon something I thought he would love. I think the teddy bear is adorable and I thought he was going to love it.

I told Chris about it and she thought that he was going to hate it and she doesn't think a grown man wanted a teddy bear for Valentine's Day. We opened the phones to PST listeners and even brought some guys in the studio from our sister station. The majority of people said he may not like it, but I did get a few listeners who thought it was totally sweet. Some even said that I know my husband better than anyone else and if I thought he'd like it, he would probably would. After all the opinions. I was very hopeful and even a little bit nervous to give it to him yesterday.

So, did my husband like the teddy bear I got him? Well, I think you can tell by the post he made on Snapchat yesterday.

Personal Collection
Personal Collection

Like many PST listeners said, I know my hubby and I knew he'd love this gift. He really loved that it was personal and I thought of him when I saw it.

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