I cannot believe there are only eight days until my wedding! I picked up my wedding dress yesterday and honestly, I got a little emotional!

Yes, I want to get married to my fiance, yes I want to start a new chapter of our lives together, and I think the tears that came out, were tears that I have been holding back this entire wedding planning process. It hasn't been too stressful, planning the wedding has been pretty fun for us, but the thing I'm most sad about, is my relatives that won't be there to see it. My Grandparents on both sides, my Step Grandmother and my Uncle have all passed on and I know they would have loved to see us get married. Most of them knew Matt and met him before they passed away and always said wonderful things about him. I think that is why I cried, our wedding planning process is coming to an end and I just wish they were all apart of it. But I had to dry my tears, since I had to take 295 to get home from Pennsylvania, and just thought to myself that they would be there in spirit on my special day.

Okay, back to the happier subject, my dress. It's gorgeous and I cannot wait to reveal it to all the listeners of PST next week! After I got my dress, I drove it over to my Mom's house, because Matt won't see it until the day of the wedding, and attempted to put it in the tiny space she left for me in her closet. (I think she underestimated the size of it.) I looked at it hanging there and realized that in 8 days I will be starting a new chapter in my life and there were no more tears, but just a huge smile across my face. In just eight days, I will marry the love of my life and we become husband and wife. It's a wonderful feeling that I hope everyone gets to experience once in their lifetime.

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