On May 25th, a black man named George Floyd was handcuffed after he was suspected of using counterfeit money. As he was on the ground, a white police officer knelt down on his neck and caused Floyd to become unconscious. Three other officers witnessed this act and despite Floyd saying over and over that he couldn't breathe, all four officers did not do anything or try to help George Floyd. George Floyd died on May 25, 2020. His death sparked outrage in people of every color, not just blacks and justice was demanded, especially since this wasn't the first time that someone of color was killed by a police officer. In a little over a week, there have been thousands of protests in cities all over the world. Some have been peaceful, others have not.

Lawmakers and officials have encouraged peaceful protests to encourage change, however, urge people to understand that we are still in a pandemic. Protesters are urged to wear masks and gloves and try to keep their distance from others in order to protect themselves, since these protests can draw in thousands of people in close quarters. According to NJ.com, Governor Murphy urges people who attended any of the 82 protests that have happened in New Jersey over the past week and a half, to get tested for coronavirus. It makes sense since thousands of people are gathering in one place and technically Governor Murphy is only allowing New Jerseyans to gather outside with 25 people or less for now.

New Jersey has been doing a great job at flattening the curve and cases of coronavirus have been on the decline, it would be a shame if we had another wave come through our state. Fingers crossed it doesn't, or if it does, people will get tested and stay home to quarantine themselves.

For more info visit this article on NJ.com.

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