I am all about fun and cool ornaments to go on my Christmas tree. I like the ones from my childhood and I like adding new ones that have special meaning. My husband is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, so we've added a bunch of those ornaments to our tree. We also have ones from our engagement and when we got married and all that too, so like I said some have special meaning. For some people who love to show pride in their home state, especially if they live in Pennsylvania, Susan Murphy has created some Philadelphia inspired ornaments, which she calls Jawnaments.

According to Fox 29 Philadelphia, when Susan was on the morning show, she says she was inspired by anything in Philly, but especially Fishtown because that's where she's from. She makes 14 different kinds of jawnaments including Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty, a Wawa coffee mug, and even one for Tastycakes. They are very unique and would look good on anyone's tree.

Check out Susan's Etsy page or check out her website for even more cute items and Jawnaments. But you've gotta hurry because they are selling fast.

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