The cold weather is finally gone, and the temperatures are rising. Spring is here and Covid restrictions are loosening which means we can enjoy the great outdoors. If you plan on camping, hiking or hunting around Pennsylvania this Spring, here's what you need to know if you happen to stumble upon something with purple paint on it.

According to WNEP, you may be breaking the law if you pass by anything with purple paint on it. These markings are equivalent to a "no trespassing" sign. The Purple Paint Law went into effect early last year.

"At the beginning of 2020, this law, the "Purple Paint Law," as it's commonly called, was enacted, and it allows landowners to use purple paint as a means of posting their property against trespassers," said Bill Williams, Game Commission Information Coordinator.

According to WNEP, this law gives home owners the option to mark a tree or post with purple paint instead of having to put up a whole sign. Why the color purple? Well because it easily stands out. Even those who are colored blind can see the color purple.

If you plan on using purple paint instead of putting up a sign, there are a few things you should know. According to WNEP, the marking should be painted vertically. It needs to be at least eight inches long and one inch wide. Last but not least, the marking also needs to be at least three feet above the ground so hunters/hikers can see it.



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