There will be psychic readings at 94.5 PST's Freedom Festival this year.

I'm super excited for it, I think they're just so fun.

I did a psychic reading at last years festival and I became obsessed.

They told me that I'd be taking a exotic vacation and I ended up doing it - I went to Greece and Rome. They told me I would be in great health for the rest of the summer and fall (I got sick in the winter only - haha).

They told me I was going to back to school, and I was thinking that it was crazy ... there is no way in hell I was going back to school. But guess what?! I ended up taking classes in the fall.


Not saying that these readings are supposed to be 100% accurate or anything - but I was like damn ... my reading was on point!

So yeah, bottom line - I'm totally getting a psychic reading at this years Freedom Festival.



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