Since the beginning of this pandemic, I feel like people have been very opinionated about masks. The CDC told us to wear masks, so I wore a mask to keep myself and my family safe. Am I sick of them? Absolutely. However, even though I am vaccinated and mask mandates are getting lifted all over the place. I still feel, for now, that I would like to keep wearing mine in certain areas. I know people probably think I may be stupid or paranoid, but I have a few reasons why I feel this way.

The first thing I wanted to point out is, my family and I have not been sick in over a year. I suffer from severe allergies and we have an 18 month old son. Yes, my son has not been in daycare, but babies are still filled with germs. My husband is a police officer and has actually been in houses with COVID cases. He of course masked up, wore his gloves and immediately showered when he got home. I did the same and it helped us stay extremely healthy this year.

Another reason I want to continue to wear a mask is, I have no idea who has been vaccinated or not, Yes, I know, me being vaccinated protects me, but I didn't like being in close proximities with people before the pandemic and now, I just feel like people are germie. When I go grocery shopping at stores like Costco and Shoprite, there are people everywhere. I would feel better just breathing my own air while being that close to people.

The last reason and if people suffer with. bad allergies like I do, they will understand where I am coming from. Airborne Allergies get into your system through your nose. My allergies have been so much better when I wear a mask outside. The pollen is killer this year, but I haven't been suffering as bad as other people. It's pretty cool. I even visited a friend one time during the pandemic and I wore my mask inside and she has a cat who I am normally allergic too. But guess what? I was fine that day. Pretty cool.

Overall, I think there will be some people who still want to wear masks even after the mask mandates are over and I think we should all respect one another's decisions. If people want to keep wearing a mask, then others should be respectful of that. They're not hurting anyone, if anything, they are helping stop the spread of everything, even the common cold. I think I might even wear a mask when I get a cold now.

I guess this is one of those times where I just wanna remind everyone to be kind. We're getting through this pandemic, so let's be happy about that and not bring more anger back into this world.

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