This week Instagram got rid of some creepers' favorite feature, the“following” tab which was once located next to your “activity” tab.  If you were one of those people that rarely used it or didn’t know it even existed, it was a feed used to show the likes, comments, and follows of the people that you followed.

The Verge reported that Instagram removed the tab for some users back in August and you probably didn't even notice it. Now, the “heart tab” will only display your activity page.

Surprisingly, some people were a little disappointed that the feature was gone.

However, others seemed pretty excited.

HarpersBazaar also mentioned, “The following tab has long been notorious for 'exposing' unexpected behavior within your social network." We are sure that it has gotten so many people caught up in arguments and possibly ruined some relationships. That’s not why Instagram removed the feature, but we are sure there will be more "happy" relationships thanks to it.

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