The restoration of I-95 is heading toward completion - ahead of schedule!

Repairs on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia are nearing completion as the months-long process has quickly reached a new milestone - the permanent outer lanes have been completed, according to PennDot.

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The next phase of repairs involve shifting traffic from the temporary middle lanes to the newly constructed outer lanes:

"Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Mike Carroll marked a major milestone as work on the permanent repair of I-95 continues safely and efficiently. PennDOT was joined by Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt, City of Philadelphia Deputy Managing Director for the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Michael Carroll, P.E. and other officials to commemorate the shifting of traffic from the temporary roadway onto the newly completed outer travel lanes of the new permanent bridge on Interstate 95 in northeast Philadelphia."

This comes just after a mere 5 months after a truck fire caused a portion of the arterial interstate to collapse, killing one in June. Under the Shapiro administration, it took PennDOT just 12 days to rebuild the center lanes with temporary glass materials as permanent repairs proceeded on the outer lanes - thus reopening I-95 to a relieved city.

Travel Restrictions


Now that the outer lanes will be reopened for traffic, the following traffic changes will go into effect this week. These will be in effect primarily in the overnight hours:

  •  I-95 Northbound reduced to one lane, Monday from 11pm - Tuesday at 5am
  • Wednesday Nov 8, I-95 Southbound reduced to two lanes 9pm - 11pm
  • Wednesday Nov 8, I-95 S reduced to one lane 11pm - 5am on Thursday, Nov 9.

When will I-95 repairs be completely finished?

The completion of the reconstruction of I-95 is expected to happen next year, though we don't have a more precise timeline yet.


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