As someone who grew up with memories eating at this South Jersey diner, this is a bittersweet thing to see.

The Marlton Diner, located  at 781 Rte 70 W, in Evesham Township NJ, permanently closed its doors a few months ago. The diner originally opened in the 80's as a Denny's! And according to the A View From Evesham's Facebook page, Enlighten Health & Wellness sent out a press release detailing proceedings in acquiring the now-empty space.

Which may not sound like a big deal, but when you consider this, the signs point more toward the very likely probability of a cannabis dispensary opening: According to the post, one of the key members of Enlighten's ownership team is Vishal Patel, who has overseen the startup of Nature's Medicine, a Pennsylvania based weed dispensary. The Ayr Wellness dispensaries are operating at three locations in State College, Selinsgrove, and Bloomsburg PA.

And not only that, but Enlighten has also submitted an application to the State of New Jersey for a retail cannabis license, according to the post.

If these plans come to fruition, it would be a great use of space for the old Marlton Diner. As someone who's has many a pancake here, it'd be of comfort to see the space get some continued foot traffic. It'd be ashamed to see it just sitting there with shuttered windows, like so many other abandoned New Jersey diners.

Would you be excited about another weed dispensary opening here? If not, then what do you think should happen to the space? Sound off in the comments!

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