If you're trying to log onto Facebook this afternoon (Monday), but you're noticing that Facebook is trying to make you add friends instead of viewing your newsfeed... you're not alone.

Users (including many here at 94.5 PST) are reporting that when they open Facebook on their desktop (web) browser they're being prompted to add friends, instead of being able to of view their newsfeed:

Essentially it appears as if the website is trying to load a "getting started" page.

So, of course, we went to Twitter to find out what was happening on Facebook. How 2019 of us, right?

Facebook acknowledged the bug in a statement issued to us on Monday. They said the issue has been resolved.

“Over the weekend, some people who logged into their Facebook account on the web were redirected to a page that we show new users to help them find their friends on Facebook," they said in a statement. "The bug has now been fixed.”

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