It's deer season! And there's certainly no shortage of them in the Northeast, including Pennsylvania.

They're so present, that they can become close enough to feed.

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After all, they're such beautiful animals that are mostly gentle and timid - and it can be a thrill to see them peacefully grazing in your backyard. You may find yourself wanting to have a Snow White moment by feeding them. But is it allowed?

So is it illegal to feed deer in Pennsylvania?

Photo by Divide By Zero on Unsplash
Photo by Divide By Zero on Unsplash

Sorry wildlife lovers! The answer is yes - it is unlawful to intentionally feed deer in Pennsylvania, or any wildlife. It can pose some serious risks and danger.

§ 21.116. Feeding wildlife.

" (a)  Except as provided in subsection (b), feeding wildlife or laying or placing food, fruit, hay, grain, chemical, salt or other minerals is prohibited without written permission of the Department."

Bird-feeding can be an exception only if it doesn't attract larger animals like bears or Pennsylvania elk. Feeding those are super illegal! Wildlife officers can order you to take a bird feeder down if it poses that risk.

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As we've recently seen at this New Jersey home, deer can absolutely be dangerous too! Remember when this deer went flying across this family's driveway? It could have seriously injured - or even killed someone.

As fun or cute as it may look or sound, just leave the deer be. Play it safe and don't feed them in Pennsylvania!

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