I think everyone tried to run away from their parents when they were younger?  At 11 years old I packed my bags and made it all the way to the bus stop before turning right back around and going home. Sometimes kids get so fed up with their parents and living under their roof that they even look into getting emancipated. However, it's rare that emancipation actually happens.

There are a bunch of different reasons why a child under the age of 18 would look into getting emancipated. Maybe they are getting married before the age of 18, going into the military, can prove that they are financially stable on their own, or have obtained a degree of some sort. But if you are someone who simply doesn't get along with your parents, you hate them and want nothing to do with them, chances are you won't be granted emancipation.

In the state of Pennsylvania, it is very rare for a child to be emancipated. According to LCCPA, in PA  there is no formal court process where a kid can ask the court to be emancipated. The Lehigh County Law Library Pathfinder states, " A minor cannot have themselves declared emancipated by the court” simply because they desire to free themselves from parental control. Much of Pennsylvania’s law about emancipation has come from court cases."

In some cases, it can happen, but the process is so tedious it's almost not worth it. According to Juvenile Law Center, other options a child can consider if living with another adult whether that is a relative or a family friend. If the child is being abused, there are resources available to get them out of that home and somewhere the same.

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