I saw an interesting article this morning on WalletHub that ranked the hardest working states in America. So where did New Jersey land on this list?

New Jersey was ranked 25. Not bad. My home state is right in the middle out of the 50 states. I personally thought Jersey would be higher on this list, but I guess 25 is not too bad. Believe it or not though, NJ was higher on the list than Pennsylvania (42) and New York (30). I know both Pennsylvania and New York are large states, but I thought the workers of Philadelphia and New York City alone would qualify their states to be ranked much higher on the list. I was surprised to see that Alaska took the number one spot on the list!

WalletHub came up with this ranking system by looking at things like average workweek hours, employment rates. average commute times, and share of workers with multiple jobs along with some other factors. If you'd like to see the full list you can here

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