It's no secret; There's been a sweeping increase in the popularity of fried chicken all across the States. And Raising Cane's has steadily been growing in hype in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

About a month ago I drove by the new Raising Cane's that just opened up in University City in Philly this past May, and I was mildly shocked to see that there was a line out the door and up the sidewalk! I said "Dang! They must be good!"

But here's the thing: As of right now there are no open and operating Raising Cane's in New Jersey!

But that could all soon change, according to a post by Facebook community group "A View From Evesham":

"Looks like they are hoping to open at 800 West Route 70, which is located between AT&T and Republic Bank, just down from McDonalds and across the street from Marlton Diner," the post reads.

What stands at that location now is a building erected in the 70's that's not fit for a restaurant. So the application for the fried chicken joint includes a requirement for that building to be demolished, also according to the post.

So when are they hoping to open the restaurant? We don't know yet. It's not even a sure thing that it'll come into fruition. We'll have to see how their application hearing will go on July 18 when they go up before the Evesham Township Zoning Board.

Even if this one doesn't open, don't worry! according to What Now Philly, there are more locations planned for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We just don't know when and where yet.

Are you crossing your (chicken) fingers for this new location?

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