A new winery may be coming to the Wrightstown area very soon. The Patch reports, the Rienzi family and their attorney brought their plans to the township and they seem to be supported so far. The winery is projected to be located on Swamp Road in Wrightstown and they have already planted vines for the grapes that will eventually make the wine. The Rienzi Family plans to a two story building with a wine tasting room as well as another area for private dining. More approvals will be needed foe this winery to start getting built, but hopefully the Rienzi Family will get to build their winery and we'll hear more soon.

One thing I never thought I'd like when I was younger was wine. I remember trying a glass of my Mom's one time and making a face because it was so gross. It was white zinfandel and that's a wine I feel is very dry. Once I got older and tried other wines, I realized I was a sweet wine kind of girl. After that, wine definitely became one of my go to drinks. I like vodka, and hard seltzers too, but wine and sangria with dinner are delicious. There are plenty of wineries in the area that I've checked out and I have found many that I like with beautiful views, great wine and fun atmospheres. As you can tell, I love wine and I say the more wineries in the area, the better. I can't wait to see how quickly the Rienzi family gets this ball rolling and gets this winery going.

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