My Central Jersey reports, there may be a Popeyes coming to Route One in South Brunswick. A developer based in Middlesex County, has just submitted plans to the town for approval. The Popeyes would have a drive thru and would be located right next to the White Castle which sits in between New Road and Whispering Woods Blvd. If you're heading South on Route One, a landmark to look for is the Monmouth Mobile Home Park, then a big hotel. New Road is after that and White Castle and the proposed property for Popeyes will come up. If you're going North, it'll be right after Whispering Woods Blvd and you'll have to take the jughandle at New Road to get on the other side. That jughandle is always so backed up already, it will be extra congestion. There is a hearing on May 13th and hopefully we'll have more news after that.

I used to live in South Brunswick when my husband and I were still dating. When we got engaged, we stayed there until we got married and then about 6 months after, we bought our house in East Windsor. There were many things we loved about South Brunswick, but many things that weren't that great. We lived in Dayton right in the middle of Route 1 and Route 130. There were no gas stations in the actual town, we had to go to Route 1 or Route 130 to get it and the only grocery store in town was Stop & Shop. Stop & Shop was good if we needed something last minute, but overall, their prices were a lot higher than other grocery stores, so I found myself driving to North Brunswick to do my grocery shopping at Costco, Shoprite and Trader Joe's. Target was on Route 1, so that was nice, and the Aldi and Shoprite that now sit in the same shopping center were not built yet. It was a nice safe neighborhood and I still go back often since my chiropractor and my church are still there. I think South Brunswick is one of those towns that is just going to build things on the highways so they can keep their towns nice and quiet. Might not be a bad thing.

Former RHONJ Selling Her Immaculate New Jersey Home

Siggy Flicker used to be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and left after just two seasons. She is very spunky and outspoken and I enjoyed watching her on the show. They showed her house often on the show and I was always in awe of it. It has a Hampton style to it and the inside is immaculate. She originally listed her house for $4 million during the pandemic, but now has cut the price down to $3.85 million. The house has six bedrooms, almost seven bathrooms, and even a pool, located in Tenafly.

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