As of recently, I’ve been getting into the idea of hiking and found a trail that’s great for beginner hikers, experienced hikers, picnic goers or just anyone who is looking to see some amazing views.

The trail itself is right on the border of PA in Lambertville, NJ.


If you’ve never heard of it before, Goat Hill Overlook has some of the best views in the entire area, and lots of other locals who know the area would agree! It was rated as one of the most scenic hikes throughout Central Jersey.

There are plenty of other challenging trails all throughout New Jersey and even into Pennsylvania, but the best part about this trail is the payoff at the end when you get to sit on top of the hill and look at the views.

This is the perfect spot to go when you want a good workout and a peaceful scenic view before you make your trek back down.

This trail is right in Lambertville, NJ and you can combine the hike to Washington Crossing or Baldpate Mountain.

You’ll overlook the Delaware River to Lambertville, NJ, and also will see parts of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

While you’re in the area there are plenty of places to shop and eat before or even after your hike that will just add to the relaxing vibes.


According to, the trail to Goat Hill Overlook is only 1 mile there and back to your car, which is very doable no matter if you’re an experienced hiker or not!

You can also take the longer route which adds up to 2.4 miles which will show you 2 more overlooks and make the scenic experience even more breathtaking!

The views are so great that I think everyone should consider taking this hike at some point, no matter what sort of experience you have with hiking. You can get more information on the trail itself, here.

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