If you search online looking for haunted places in Mercer County, there's one place that comes up over & over --- the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital.

WARNING: Do not attempt to visit the facility without permission.  Trespassers will be prosecuted!

HauntedRooms.com ranks it as the 8th most haunted place in South Jersey.  The site says..."It is not uncommon to find paranormal activity in former psychiatric hospitals. This is especially common in psychiatric hospitals that date back to the mid-1800s like Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, originally the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum."

The site also notes..."Doctors, such as Henry Cotton, performed countless experimental procedures while in residence in the hospital which led to many deaths. It is said that Doctor Colton continues to wander around the halls of the hospital."

GhostlyActivities.com says that it is "difficult to run a ghost hunt at the facility. As an active care center, security guards often patrol the grounds during the day and night."  That said, amateur ghost hunter, Jon Stevens, visited the site and posted this video.

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