Rumors have been swirling that Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods could be coming to the Foxmoor Shopping Center in Robbinsville, NJ. So we wanted to find out if there was any truth to those rumors.

If you’ve driven by the shopping center recently, you may be wondering what will move into the vacant space that was previously the home of Marazzo’s Thriftway (then Thriftway).

When we heard the rumors about a Trader Joe's opening there, we had to find out. So WPST reached out to the popular chain to find out.

“Unfortunately, we do not have any immediate plans for a store in Robbinsville,” a Trader Joe’s spokesperson, Rachel Broderick, told us on Thursday (January 3) in an email.

Meanwhile, spoke to some of the developers involved in the project who said they’d like to bring "smaller, niche market to the plaza"

So that lends the hope that a Whole Foods could open there, right?

Well, we also reached out to Whole Foods for good measure to find out if they had any plans to come to Foxmoor. They weren't able to confirm (or deny) anything at this time.

“We don’t have any information to share at this time,” Jamie Forrest from Whole Foods told us via email Friday morning. “We appreciate your interest. For future reference, all confirmed store sites are listed here.

As for other tenants in the shopping center, the site’s new property managers are working hard on renovations. Perspective tenants continue to look into the site as they meet with developers. reports that a Fit Body Boot Camp and Mathnasium have signed leases to occupy two of the spaces in the shopping center.

Additionally, we can expect to see the parking lot redone, new signage, and landscaping.

So for now, we wait and see what comes next.

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