Living in New Jersey you can always get into a disagreement on what certain foods are called. For example, do you call those things that go on top of ice cream jimmies or sprinkles? Is water ice or Italian ice? Hoagie or sub? Some parts of NJ have influences from New York and others have an influence from Philadelphia.

Well if you need to know I say jimmies and sprinkles, water ice and Italian ice, but I always say hoagie. That being said, it was so cool to see that Utz recently created the perfect chip for this area. I saw on Philly Voice that Utz released Italian Hoagie Flavored chips.

I haven't tried them yet, but the author of the article, Adam Hermann, did. He described them as tasting like "...all the toppings, except lettuce, because how would you do that on a chip?”

Next time I go to the store, I may be picking them up so I can do my own taste test and see if I agree with him.

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