Today is National Cheesesteak Day (Friday, March 24th) and if you're looking to celebrate by chowing down on nice, juicy one here's where to find one right here in our area.

You heard me, New Jersey. I know that nearby Philadelphia is famous for its cheesesteaks, but, they're just as good, if not better, here in the Garden State.

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Peter Genovese from NJ Advance Media ranked NJ's 35 best cheesesteaks for and here are the ones he loved from Mercer County. My favorite spot made the list!

Pete's Steak House Tavern

Coming in at #34 is Pete's Steakhouse in Hamilton Township.


Genovese said, "Pete's Steak House Tavern is a cozy roadhouse retreat; dig the old-time ads on the walls (25-cent jumbo steaks, 55-cent dishes of ravioli at the original Chambers Street, Trenton location). We don't talk much about chicken cheesesteaks on this list, but you can find commendable ones at Pete's. There's a broccoli rabe one too, if you want to nudge the cheesesteak envelope a bit."


The #26 slot belongs to Gaetano's, also in Hamilton Township.

Here's Genovese's hot take. "The brightly-decorated strip mall cheesesteak joint opened in 2005. The most peppery cheesesteak in New Jersey is the Peter Piper at Gaetano's. Green peppers, sweet peppers, roasted peppers, jalapeno peppers and hot peppers add up to pepper-lovin' nirvana. I'm drooling just thinking about it."


This list wouldn't be complete without Meatheadz in Lawrence. It's my favorite. It just moved to a bigger location in the Lawrence Shopping Center with indoor, year round dining.

Genovese said, "Everyone who recommended Meatheadz on Twitter told me to order the Drippin' Steak (rib eye with provolone and dipped in au jus), and the juice/broth made for a drippingly delicious sandwich. But I liked a regular cheesesteak with American even more; it's loaded with juicy, tender meat."


To check out the entire list of the 35 best cheesesteaks in NJ, click here.

Guess I know what I'm getting for dinner tonight. Yum.

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