I may be small in height, but I have a huge heart. I am especially big on the safety of animals and even feel bad killing spiders. I try to put a big outside before killing it. I know our state is overrun with deer, but I hate seeing them dead on the side of the road, it makes me sad. I know I am a human being and we survive by eating animals, unless you're vegan or vegetarian, but I still feel a little uncomfortable doing it. I know I am a little strange, but I do love animals. Anyways, one of my favorite animals are turtles and right now, they could really use our help in keeping them safe.

Down the shore where my Dad lives, there are turtles crossing the road all the time. There are even signs up that tell you the areas that are the most popular for turtles. You have to be careful when you're driving not to hit them. I remember when me and one of my girl friends were driving, we saw one on the middle of the road, and I stopped my car and we helped it get to the other side of the road. It was an amazing feeling and Peta wants us all to help the turtles as best we can.

An article from Peta says there are a bunch of ways you can help a turtle including, pushing them along from behind using an object that won't harm it, keep the turtle going in the direction it was headed, and checking an injured turtle to see if it's alive.

Check out this video on how to help the turtles safely cross the road.

*Warning there are graphic images of turtles in this video*

Visit this article from Peta.org to see other ways to help the turtles this season.

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