So did anyone else have another outbreak of bird flu on their 2024 bingo card? I didn't either, but here we are.

This year alone has seen a lot of diseases pop up that we should be concerned about.

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A measles outbreak that started in Philadelphia made the leap over to Jersey a few weeks ago, here's what you need to know. 

Also, a few cases of the mumps have popped up around Jersey as well.

Granted a lot of people affected were traveling abroad, but still, here's what you need to know about New Jersey's Mumps outbreak.

Now, we're seeing reports of the bird flu making a comeback, but does New Jersey need to be worried?

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What Is The Bird Flu?

Avian Flu, or H5N1 is your typical flu virus that is typically just spread from bird to bird according to the CDC, and human transmission is typically pretty rare.

Generally when there's an outbreak of bird flu the costs of eggs and poultry will increase and that's the biggest side effect that we people see.

However, since birds get rid of the disease through their saliva, mucous, and feces there are cases of transmission of the disease to humans, and that appears to be what happened at a farm in Texas.

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A farmer in Texas came in contact with infected cattle and ended up catching Bird Flu

Does New Jersey Need To Be Worried About The Spread Of Bird Flu?

As of now, there's really no need to get overly worried about the Bird Flu, human transmission is usually incredibly rare, and so far sources are saying that the latest human case is basically contained to just that one person.

That being said though, you'll want to make sure that you're fully cooking your chicken, beef, eggs, and things of that nature because if you do happen to buy food that contains the virus, you'll cook it right out so long as you cook your food to the right temperatures.

Instead of spending too much time worrying though, let's go grab a corn dog at a street fair this summer!

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