Lawsuits seem to be happening everywhere nowadays. I would like to say that this is probably the year that the country and different cities have received the most lawsuits because businesses have been held back from making money.

The most recent lawsuit goes to Point Pleasant officials. According to, the lawsuit is coming from Jenkinson's. Jenkinson's just wants all of you to continue enjoying some alcoholic beverages while at the beach and it seems like Point Pleasant is not allowing that. reported that Jenkinson's is not happy that Point Pleasant is being a fun sucker by not allowing beachgoers the ability to enjoy a few drinks while on the private beach. The lawsuit states, "The town does not have the authority to regulate such actions at Jenkinson's, such as prohibiting those 21 years old and over from drinking on the beach."

It was also mentioned on that Point Pleasant has implemented some rules with very little or perhaps no notices to Jenkinsons. shared that part of the lawsuit states, "The defendants have no authority to regulate Jenkinson's private property beach, yet they seek to do so and have even done things so with petty and illegal micromanaging of Jenkinson's private property beach."

The Mayor of Point Pleasant has stated that Jenkinson's Beach and Boardwalk are allowed to do whatever they like because they are a private beach, according to

This sounds like a big problem for Jenkinson's. It could perhaps make them lose a good amount of business. We agree with Jenkinson's, having a few drinks while hanging out by the beach should be allowed.

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