Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson just announced that the grand opening of their brand new huge rollercoaster, the Jersey Devil, will happen THIS SUNDAY (June 13) at 10 am.

It's the world's tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster -- as it reaches speeds of 58 mph and it stands 13 stories tall.

Our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow got to ride it today and it looks REALLY cool.

The theme park has announced via Facebook that the grand opening of the coaster where it will finally be open to the general public this Sunday, June 13th at 10am. If you want to ride this coaster, I'd get there early on Sunday or even try to buy tickets in advanced.

Some Six Flags Members and Season ticket holders have already had the chance to ride the Jersey Devil before anyone else with a preview event that Six Flags held yesterday. Those previews will continue on Friday and Saturday.

If you're a Season ticket holder or Six Flags member and wanna get in on the preview, there still may be some slots available.

I am not a rollercoaster person at all. I think when I was younger I was more fearless and as I've gotten older, I am a huge scaredy cat. It might have to do with some medical conditions I have, but I still don't like fast rides.

I am the person who holds everyone's bags at the bottom of the rollercoaster and everyone knows it. My husband and I eventually want to take our kids to Disney World, and I will be staying with the stroller and take pictures while he rides the big rides with the kids.

Although I do not like to ride the rides, I know plenty of my friends love coasters, and with this new addition to Six Flags Great Adventure and people starting to do more and more things this summer, I expect it to be very popular.

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