The Jersey Shore roomates are filming again....this time in a house on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, according to the Asbury Park Press.

In typical Jersey Shore form, there was drama. Lol. One of their neighbors on Limroth Drive, Frankie Adao, saw Snooki storm out of the house last Tuesday, August 6th. She was screaming that she couldn't take it anymore and she just wanted to be with her kids. Who knows what set her off, but, I can't wait to see when the new season comes out. Lol. Jenni and Pauly D ran after her, of course with camera crew in tow.

Apparently no on even told anyone they were coming to town, not even the mayor. Point Pleasant Beach Mayor, Stephen Reid, said to the USA Today Network New Jersey, “We would never give them a permit to film in any public area here, without a doubt. They know they’re not really welcome here, I don’t think they’re welcomed anywhere. I really believe that their 15 minutes are up — I just can’t believe people still watch it.”

They filmed last Wednesday, August 7th at Jenks, which isn't far from their house on Limroth Drive.  They filmed there last year too. So did The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The Asbury Park Press tried to get a comment from the the owner of house on Limroth Drive that they're filming in. No response.

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