A new ranking is out that’s totally dissing one of the biggest tourist attractions in New Jersey.

A new ranking was just released, according to Lakewood Alerts, that named New jersey’s very own, American Dream Mall in East Rutherford was named the ugliest building in the entire state.

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Not only was it named New Jersey’s biggest eye sore, but it also ranked as the 18th-ugliest major building in all of America.

I remember when I would drive to North Jersey for anything before the mall was finished, the building was always partially complete and looked abandoned.


Unfortunately, when I drive past it now the building still looks partially abandoned from some points, so I do sort of understand where this ranking is coming from.

Although some points of American Dream Mall may not be the prettiest on the outside, this is single-handedly one of the coolest tourist attractions in New Jersey.

There’s a theme park, water park, ice skating rinks, a ski slope, and enough stores and restaurants that would last you for days. The plans for the mall were originally brought up back in 2003, but if you’re from the area, you know the construction took much longer than that.

The mall got officially up and running just a few years ago in 2019 and since then the mall has only grown. Since the opening of New Jersey’s ugliest building, many celebrities like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian have stepped foot through its doors.

So maybe the outside isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but the inside is like a new world you’ve never seen before.

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