It’s that time of the year! Might I add, it is my favorite time of the year. I love Christmas! This is the one time of the year where I can be a complete cheesy fool and be extra without anyone judging me. I have a Christmas budget set aside just for gifts. I have an entire google doc of things I would like to cook and activities I would like to do during this season that I have not tried yet. Yea, I’m that girl. One thing I really do enjoy this season is all of the cool movies.

According to delish, Home Alone is New Jersey’s most popular Christmas movie! 

Home Alone is indeed a classic movie so I can’t argue with that. However, I definitely thought it would be another movie. 

One of my favorite movies to watch during the holiday season is Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris. If you have never seen it then let me catch you up to speed. The movie starts by showing a high schooler who is overweight getting ready to confess his love to his best friend via their yearbook. This is all happening at her graduation party. Well, someone got a hold of his yearbook and read it out loud to the whole party! He leaves town and doesn't come back, until he has to. Now, it’s 10 years later and he is one of the hottest things walking around with one of the coolest job in the music industry. My reasoning for me being surprised that this isn’t Jersey’s favorite movie is because most of the movie takes place in Jersey!

It actually happens by accident. He was on a plane, when it caught on fire and they had to make an emergency landing in Jersey!!

If you were wondering, yes, the movie was also filmed in parts of the Garden State.



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