The very popular airline, JetBlue is giving away free flights in the month of November. But, it does come with a catch. It's a good catch, but still a catch.

Okay, so according to & JetBlue's website, you won't be able to choose your destination.

In fact, you actually won't know where you're going until you're on the plane at JFK Airport in New York. Once you've reached your destination, volunteers will participate in various volunteer activities and services for three nights.

JetBlue's organization, called JetBlue For Good, focuses on youth and their education, communities and the environment.

So yes, you will travel for free, but you'll also be a part of "JetBlue for Good Month.”

Interested? You can enter here! You've got until October 26th & if you're a winner, you'll be notified by November 20th. The outbound flight leaves on November 27th.

The airline choosing 50 people and you get to bring a guest! You just have to write an essay or fill out a questionnaire as to why JetBlue should pick you!

This seems like something right up my alley! So I might just apply!

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