For those who don’t know the Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley is going through a rough divorce with her ex Roger Matthews, who made a cameo in the hit reality show. For many fans it is heartbreaking to see this couple essentially fall apart especially as it has been blasted over social media.

A source told Radar Online that “It was a big deal for Jenni to move out of the house she shared with Roger because that was the end to her.”

According to Radar Online Farley is selling her Toms River home at $1.45 million, which is cheaper than the original price of $1.59 million. She tried to sell the house early into the divorce in 2018 but had to pull out due to the lack of bids on the house.

The couple filed for divorce in September 2018 due to irreconcilable differences but Roger stated to Radar Online that he “has no intention of being a single dad.”

Die-hard fans will know that Roger has blasted on various social media platforms his continuous love for Jenni and that it isn’t over. Regardless, the house is still on the market and it’ll be interesting to find out who will end up buying this beautiful celebrity home.

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