I 100 percent get the jitters and anxiety with coffee and really, any caffeine consumption.

So I'm excited to tell you about my latest discovery, MUD\WTR. It's a coffee substitute made with all sorts of good, organic ingredients: cacao, chai, four adaptogenic mushrooms and ayurvedic herbs. The cacao and chai have just a dash of caffeine, so you're getting about 1/7 of the caffeine as a cup of coffee.

The company is environmentally responsible, too. Their packaging has no plastic. Their tin is recyclable, and the packaging for the non-dairy creamer is compostable. They also work with Pachama to ensure their carbon footprint is net positive by paying monthly to support reforestation efforts. Love it.

Townsquare Media, MUD\WTR
Townsquare Media, MUD\WTR

As far as the drink, I enjoyed MUD\WTR's earthy taste. The turmeric and cinnamon flavors are very prominent, and I could see MUD\WTR as being the base for a holiday or fall drink like hot chocolate. The texture is the same as coffee, and I fixed mine with my go-to coffee favorites: French vanilla creamer and a little sugar. The first few times I tried it, I definitely felt energized, with a little slower onset than I'm used to with coffee but none of that anxiety or crash.

I am excited to start drinking MUD\WTR before a workout. I have been in need of a good pre-workout, and I heard MUD\WTR can be a great substitute.

Want to give it a try? Visit mudwtr.com/wpst to learn more and place an order. They even have a powdered non-dairy creamer to use with it.

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