Nothing like putting mom on the spot! Can brothers Jason and Travis Kelce, who are both playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, get mom Donna to admit who she's rooting for?

Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs has been nicknamed 'Kelce Bowl'. Travis is a tight end for the Chiefs and Jason is an offensive center for the Eagles.

The brothers are as competitive on the football field as they are for mom Donna's affection, lol.

This week during their New Heights Show podcast, Jason Kelce put Donna on the spot and asked which team she was rooting for on Sunday.

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Jason feels Donna should root for HIM and the Eagles because he gave her grandkids first, while Travis thinks her allegiance should lie with him and the Chiefs because he was the one who gifted her with the dual Chiefs/Eagles football jersey.

(clockwise from top) Getty Images; DonnaKelce/Instagram; Getty Images
(clockwise from top) Getty Images; DonnaKelce/Instagram; Getty Images

But Donna is staying neutral. She wants an all-offense Super Bowl. That's her way of rooting for BOTH her sons, since they are both offensive players, lol.

When Jason asked what he's supposed to tell fellow Eagle Fletcher Cox, Donna told Jason to tell Cox 50 percent of her is with HIM. Lol.

Watch more of the smack-talking video below.

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