Kid's Castle is a huge playground structure in Doylestown that has been around for 22 years. Last March, the park announced that they would be adding a new addition to the playground for kid's who have all different kinds of disabilities. The new addition to Kid's Castle cost about $500,000, which was all received in donations and fundraising. According to The Patch, the new addition of Kid's Castle will be open on Saturday November 23rd.

The park had been closed since last March for this huge renovation and the new play structures will allow children with various disabilities to enjoy themselves at the park. Disabilities like visual & hearing impairments, autism, mobility impairment, and more according to The Patch. There has been a lot of excitement building up in anticipation for this new addition to the park. If it's not extremely cold, I think it'll be packed with kids.

If you've never been to Kid's Castle, in Doylestown, it's located at 425 Wells Rd. For more information visit their website here.

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