It is really scary to hear when people get robbed at gunpoint and that is exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian's close friend, Jonathan Cheban. It has been reported by that Jonathan Cheban was in Bergen County, New Jersey with a friend and his mother when someone came up to them and robbed them at gunpoint.

We learned that this happened over the weekend on Sunday at 8:30 pm. It was mentioned on that Kim Kardashian's friend was asked by the guy what time it was before the individual pulled out the gun on them.

That has to be extremely scary. What makes it worse is that it has been said that Jonathan Cheban told the thief that he could take whatever he wanted just to make sure the man didn't hurt any of them. According to, the individual pointed the silver semiautomatic handgun at Cheban's mother's head.

As of now, it has been mentioned that no one has been arrested for this incident. It was reported by that police officers brought the K-9 unit to try and find the individual but there was no luck with that. We learned that there was a second individual that was a part of the robbery as well.

The man got away with Jonathan Cheban's Richard Mille watch, which is estimated to be a $250,000 watch.

This just goes to show why some artists act like jerks sometimes and have their bodyguards push away a bunch of fans. It is really just for their own safety.


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