It looks like the American Dream Mall in North Jersey will have some competition soon. Atlantic City is getting things started to have an indoor water park.

Not only that but the water park in Atlantic City will have a retractable ceiling, according to

That sounds really cool because you will be able to have plans with your family all year round.

It was also stated on that the Atlantic City indoor waterpark will be the very first family-friendly location that will be open all year.  Blatstein the CEO of Tower Investments, Inc told that it is the first of its kind in Atlantic City in over 160 years that the city has been around.

3 CBS Philly also shared that this could "be the largest indoor waterpark in the world."

The retractable ceilings are really cool and all but there are other cool things that you will be able to find at this ISLAND waterpark.

According to, the ISLAND waterpark will also have "ziplines, a gravity coaster and a boardwalk with the typical boardwalk games."

This place is definitely sounding very unique.

The owner of Showboat in Atlantic City told that investors should hop on these big projects if not they will regret it. I wish I had enough money to be able to help build fun stuff like this in Atlantic City. I love Atlantic City.

The ISLAND indoor waterpark is hopefully going to be done and ready for business in 2023. So really in about a year.

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