It's the holiday season and I'm all about the sweet stuff. I love my sweets and I know what hits the spot. My hubby and I were having a conversation about donuts the other day and he revealed to me that his all time favorite donut is glazed. Just glazed. I'm more of chocolate glazed kind of girl, but plain glazed is what my husband loves and he is pretty excited about Krispy Kreme's promotion tomorrow.

According to Delish, Krispy Kreme is offering a sweet deal! In honor of 'Day of Dozens' you can get one dozen donuts for just $1, tomorrow (December 12th). The deal is basically buy one dozen and get the second dozen for $1. It's the holiday season and I'm sure your co-workers will appreciate you bringing in some donuts for everyone to share.

*It's always best to check the Krispy Kreme in your area to double check that they are participating in this promotion.*

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