The coronavirus did not only claim thousands of lives, but it also crushed our economy. By having to close down stores and restaurants, thousands of dollars in revenue were lost not only the businesses that had to close but for our country as well. There has been a big rush to open everything back up again because of that. Even though some medical experts think it's too early, government officials feel this is what they need to do to rebuild our economy. Businesses that were closed are now able to reopen and it seems there will be other stores opening for the first time, that will hopefully boost our economy too.

The Patch reports, that there will be a Lands' End opening in the Mercer Mall on Route One in Lawrence June 25th. Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic and social distancing is still highly recommended, there will be certain measures taken so that all will be safe. The Patch says, face masks must be worn by shoppers as well as associates of Lands' End. Barriers at checkouts and markings on the floor will help keep people away from one another and cashiers away from shoppers. The store will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and Lands' End employees will also have their temperatures checked before their shifts begin. Besides browsing the actual store, there will even be kiosks where you can browse for maybe a different style or size on the Lands' End website.

I'm always so impressed by the stores that the Mercer Mall chooses to add to their directory. I feel like they are always trying to keep it exciting and fresh for their customers.

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