Philadelphia will officially be back open in June and that includes bars and clubs. Things might be a little different at the club this season. Thanks to State representative Jordan Harris the idea to allows partygoers to be able to keep ordering drinks until 4am has been proposed. This new legislation will allow Pennsylvania bars, restaurants, and other nightlife establishments to extend last call from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, this isn't just so customers can get ever drunker and continue to have a fun time. This idea was thought of with struggling businesses in mind. This would give restaurants and clubs a chance to bounce back after the pandemic by keeping their establishments open later, i.e. attracting more business. According to The Business Journals, this would also allow local municipalities the option to decide for themselves whether or not they want to allow the extended hours, and designate specific zones within their establishments where extended drinking time can happen.

There are so many benefits to Philadelphia extending its nightlife hours. According to The Business Journals, it would definitely make the city of Brotherly Love a more competitive destination among tourists.

“Honestly, where's the arbitrary and capricious time of 2 a.m. come from?” Harris said. “We want to have a world-class city, we’ve got to have a world-class nightlife.”

This legislation has not been approved or passed yet, but it already has tons of support from residents and business owners. What do you think? Would you even stay out in the city partying until 4am? Is this just a waste of resources? Or could this only improve our beloved city?


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