Fox 29 reports, there is a movie in the works about a guy growing up in Upper Darby, PA. The movie is called Last Call and it's about a guy who is a real estate developer who comes back home to Darby Heights, which is supposed to be resemble Upper Darby. Greg Lingo is the executive producer and co-writer of this movie and he is in fact from Upper Darby. He graduated in 1990 and was even the quarterback on the football team according to FOX 29. The main character is based on him. The cast consists of a few names you'll know like Jeremy Piven, who will play the main character Mick and Taryn Manning as well. According to IMDB, the film is already completed, so we shall see when it will be released.

I am a Jersey girl, I was born and raised in Middlesex County. I always loved watching movies that referenced New Jersey, or that were based here. Coyote Ugly was a favorite of mine, the main character grew up in Perth Amboy. In Jersey Girl with Ben Affleck they lived in The Atlantic Highlands, American Hustle had an all star cast and had ties ti Camden and Atlantic City. I don't think every single state in the country can say that they've had a ton of movies filmed there and that the storyline is based on their state. Jersey proud. Once I went to college at Rider University and I started working for PST, I started to get to know our neighboring state of Pennsylvania a little better, but I still don't know that much about it. So a movie like Last Call could be good for me to watch and see what life was like growing up in Upper Darby. I also like the cast that's in it, so let's hope we can see this film sooner vs later.

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