The rumors are true. It's confirmed that Lawrence Township's hot spot, Meatheadz Cheesesteaks, is moving just down the road into the Lawrence Shopping Center.

I'm so happy they're not going far...I love Meatheadz.

The newly renovated Lawrence Shopping Center is a great new spot for this iconic family-run business.

Meatheadz will be moving into the spot where Island Bar & Grill was, in the stand-alone building near Burlington Coat Factory. For those who have been in the area for a while, it will be near where Simply Radishing was.

I had a great chat with Joe Weintrab, one of the owners, and he told me the renovation of the new space is already underway, with hopes it will only take 3 - 4 months to complete.

Brothers Joe and Jeff are so excited that they'll have a big, new, airconditioned and heated space for indoor dining all year long, plus, the shopping center is allowing them to turn the side parking lot, that's currently not in use, into a new, cool, outdoor eating area, keeping the Meatheadz vibe. There's also going to be a party room, he told me.

The new bigger space will allow the Weintrab family to install more (and bigger) equipment, like grills and fryers, so they can get orders out even faster. They're also adding an ice cream machine to make authentic soft serve milkshakes, and a pickup window, so you can grab your takeout order without going into the dining room.

Parking won't be an issue either...there are plenty of spots available.

Here's How Meatheadz Wound Up Moving

In an interesting twist of fate, the Lawrence Shopping Center had asked the family if they had an interest in moving their restaurant to the updated strip mall months ago. They knew Meatheadz would bring a ton of business to the shopping center. At that time, the brothers had politely declined because they loved their Route 1 location (across from Lawrence Lexus).

Fast forward a little bit, the owner of the current Meatheadz building told the brothers recently that they were not going to renew their lease because they had planned to go in a different direction with the property. So, with no choice but to move, it's off to the Lawrence Shopping Center they'll go, because they absolutely wanted to stay in the Lawrence community. They have a huge following. I'm sure their fans are happy to hear that they're staying local.

Plus, a Meatheadz Food Truck?

More big news...Meatheadz is also getting a food truck. Wow. It will be available for on-site catering and will be a part of food truck festivals. This is fantastic.

PS. It sounds like the brothers are also working on opening Meatheadz 2.  Although they didn't reveal its location, they're hoping it will be open by the end of the summer. Fingers crossed.

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