UPDATE 1 PM on JULY 6: Lawrence Township resident, Kelly Brophy, has been found. Her family posted the update on social media midday Tuesday.

Brophy is missing and her family is asking for your help in locating her.

Brophy, well known and loved, grew up in Lawrence, graduated from Lawrence High School in 1987, was a teacher at Lawrence Intermediate School before an accident left her on permanent disability, and still resides in the township. She has 2 daughters ages 22 and 20.

Brophy's brother, Thomas Brophy posted over the weekend that his family was very worried and desperate to find her, revealing that she hasn't been seen in days. They tried finding her by pinging her phone and she was last in Brooklyn, New York last Wednesday, June 30th, 2021. They've been unsuccessful in locating her since.

I live in Lawrence and can feel the community's concern. Many are posting, hoping spreading the word will help find her or that word will reach her somehow that a lot of people are concerned and to contact someone.

From what I've learned, Brophy has been depressed and struggling since her father passed away in the past year, and is currently facing other stressors in her life.

Brophy is driving a red 2021 Mazda CX30. New Jersey license plates D59-NRJ.

Please spread the word. If you know anything, even what may seem like the smallest detail, please call Lawrence Township Police at 609-896-1111 or Lawrence Police Detective Ryan Dunn at 609-844-7125.

Those who know Brophy, love her. A friend of hers told me she's one of the most caring and selfless people she's ever met. Another friend said she was always willing to help and so nice.

Please help her family find her by sharing this information.

I'm praying for Kelly's safe return.


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