In a sweet turn of events, a Lawrence Police officer received a ticket from a township girl recently, according to the Lawrence Township NJ Police Facebook page.

Yes, it's true, this time it was the police officer being given the ticket, instead of him giving out the ticket. I'm sure you're wondering just what this ticket was for. I was too. It was because he's awesome. So cute.

The homemade "ticket" given to Officer Jose Corado by Lawrence resident, Jenevieve, read, "STOP, You've received a ticket for being AWESOME. Thank you for your service." How sweet is that? Adorable.

On the "ticket" was a colorful drawing of a police car. Jenevieve is a great artist....much better than I am. Lol.

Officer Corado was on duty, patrolling the township neighborhoods, when he was stopped and given the summons. No word yet if he has to appear in court to prove his awesomeness. Lol.

Other township residents commented on the Facebook post, calling Jen and her good deed, "Outstanding," "Fantastic," "Kind," and "Very Sweet." I agree, it is, and I also think it's very brave. A young girl stopping a police officer could be intimidating.

Lawrence Township Police has worked hard over the years to maintain a good relationship with its residents, especially its youth residents. For a while, the officers were "ticketing" kids around town, when they spotted them using good bicycle habits, like following traffic rules and wearing their helmets. I think they got a coupon for free water ice, or something like that, too. Score. I'm sure the kids loved that.

Keep up the great work, Lawrence Township Police, and thanks for being awesome.

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