The Starbucks on Main Street in Lawrenceville reopened for business today (Wednesday, May 6th), and their regular customers couldn't be happier. Although, some locals hope this exciting news stays quiet, because the drive thru line wasn't that long this morning. Lol.

USA Today says as more states relax their COVID-19 quarantine rules, Starbucks plans to reopen many of their locations this week, and even more in the near future, but, with new rules.

Kevin Johnson, Chief Executive and President of the coffee chain said in an online letter, "By the end of this week, Starbucks partners will have responsibly reopened over 85 percent our company operated stores across the U.S., and we are expecting more than 90 percent of our stores to be open by early June, under modified operations and hours."

If you thought you used your Starbucks app a lot before, you're going to use it even more now. It's going to have new features to make this new Starbucks normal a better experience for you. The new features will include entryway handoff, improved mobile ordering, an improved drive thru system, voice ordering through Siri, an enhanced way for everyone to earn stars, and much more.

It will be nice to get back a little bit of your daily routine. While I was scrolling on Facebook this morning, I noticed many friends posting pictures of their Starbucks orders and rejoicing that their go-to coffee spot was once again open.

Enjoy. I bet that coffee never tasted so good.

The Lawrenceville Starbucks is located at 2673 Main Street.

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