Never in a million years would I expect such a thing to be banned, but here we are. Gas powered leaf blowers have officially been banned in some New Jersey towns. You might like this new law, you may not. Either way, your neighborhood might be a little less noisy the next few months.

So what is the reason? Well a lot of people who are working from home have complained that it disrupts their work flow. Whether that means the leaf blowers create loud background noise on zoom calls, or interrupts deep concentration, either way enough people have complained for the state to take action.

In Summit New Jersey for example, the city council voted to approve an amendment to the municipal noise ordinance that will establish a pilot program, banning the use of gas-powered blowers from June 1 to Aug. 31 2021 in Summit, according Union News Daily.

“Over the past several years, and with an increase during the COVID-19 pandemic this year, Common Council and city staff have received dozens of complaints about the daily frequency of gas-powered blower use from Summit residents,” Summit chief communications officer Amy Cairns stated. “Concerns were expressed about noise, health issues and environmental pollution. With more people working from home, complaints about gas-powered blower noise, frequency of use and environmental impact have increased over the past year.”

Even landscapers are subject to this new ordinance. It is worth noting that this trial run is happening during the summer instead of the fall when more leaves start to fall. Montclair and Maplewood are the other two New Jersey towns that recently expanded it's noise ordinance banning gas powered leaf blowers.

Personally, I think this rule is crazy. When working from home, its understandable that there are going to be things that happen that may interrupt your work flow. Whether that's the WIFI going out, kids screaming in the background, or a dog parking, everyone understands that's what comes with our new normal. To have leaf blowers banned to accommodate people need to have a 2:00pm zoom call is bogus.



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