Knowing how to perform CPR is one of those things that doesn’t come up often, but once it does, it can be life-saving. Unfortunately, not that many people know how to do it. That’s why the Philly nonprofit, Simon’s Heart has decided to step in and open their CPR Jukebox.

Darren Sudman, the founder of Simon’s Heart, thought kickballs would be a good idea because they have a little bit of give to them, making them a similar but less expensive alternative to a traditional CPR dummy. They also have a Spotify playlist for you to choose from: each song on the playlist (nearly 80!) is at 100 beats per minute, which is the ideal pace for giving chest compressions. The idea is that it is easier for people to remember the rate at which to do compressions when it’s paired with a song.

Simon’s Heart is encouraging people to spread awareness of CPR training by posting a practice video of yourself at home with the hashtag #CPRJukebox and tagging them @simonsheart.

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