So it’s always been a dream of mine to build those huge lego displays, or to even just know someone that has done it. Legoland Discovery Center at the American Dream Mall wants your help! They are looking for someone that can make their legos look just like the building. The best part is...they’ll pay you!

According to, this will be the 14th Master Builder in all of North America. So what are the requirements? I hate to break this to the younger crowd, but you have to have a high school degree. Another thing you have to know how to do is read. Now I don’t mean regular reading. You have to know how to read drawings, sketches, work with digital programs and assist in the building of complex models. And if you’re camera shy you can forget about doing this because that's another requirement. You have to be comfortable being in front of a camera. 

I have so many questions. How long does this typically take? And do they usually pay people to do it?  How much are they paying? Will this display stay here forever? Who knows, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing who wins, and what the process will be like. You can apply for the position here, but hurry! Applications are due by October 16th.  You must also send your portfolio of lego builds to

Legoland Discovery Center is scheduled to open in spring 2021 at the mall, however, with the pandemic we can’t say that will stay the same. I’m really excited about it opening because it sounds. Basically it's a three hour experience for kids ages 3 to 10. It will have a Lego themed train ride, lego recreation of landmarks from New Jersey and New York City, 4D cinema, and other interactive play zones. 

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