Lidl, a German discount grocery chain, is eyeing a new location in Bristol Township, according to Levittown Now.

The Bristol Township Council President, Craig Bowen, confirmed in the article that the new construction would be in the Levittown section of Bristol, on New Falls Road, across from Appletree Place.

The plans state the new store would be over 31,000 square feet and have 142 parking spots. The site, which is about 7 acres, is currently owned by Verizon and has two buildings on it that are connected. If Lidl's plans are approved, the site would be split into two lots...Verizon would remain on one lot and Lidl would be next door, taking down the old building and starting fresh with new construction. Thinking ahead about traffic flow, the plans have two ways in and out along New Falls Road, and one across from Appletree Place.

Lidl is definitely becoming more prevalent in our area. Residents of Lawrence Township (Mercer County) have been anxiously awaiting the opening of their new Lidl in the Lawrence Shopping Center. There hasn't been a grocery store in that area since Acme closed down a few years ago. There's also new Lidl locations in North Brunswick and Burlington.

Not familiar with Lidl? I'm not either, but, I've heard it's similar to Aldi. I'm anxious to give it a try. Everyone I know that's been to Lidl, loves it, especially the bakery.

The proposed Lidl would be located at 7843 New Falls Road. Don't get too excited though, the approvals are likely months away.

For more information and to see the plans, click here.

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