The German International discount grocery store chain, Lidl, will be opening in the renovated Lawrence Shopping Center sometime in mid to late summer, according to

We knew it was coming, but, we just didn't know when. Finally, an update. Residents have waited for years for a grocery store to open in the old Acme space, and now the ball is rolling, and it seems as if it's rolling quickly. If you've driven by you've probably noticed work crews on scene recently, doing quite a bit of work on the outside of the building. Hopefully, just as much work is being done on the inside. Fingers crossed it sticks to that anticipated summer timeline.

You also may have noticed the almost teardown of the old Wells Fargo Bank, across the parking lot from the future Lidl (next to National Pools). The article reveals that space will be split by Aspen Dental practice and Starbucks. Wow. My daughter and her friends were so happy to hear this news, and I enjoy a Frapp from time to time. No opening date has been set for either of these new businesses, though.

I live in Lawrenceville and it's nice to see that shopping center start to bustle again. Auto Zone, Café Du Pain Bakery, Dollar Tree, Island Sports Bar & Grill, Plato's Closet, New Jersey Camera, Heavenly Hounds dog training, Bury the Hatchet, and more great businesses have moved in and would love for you to visit.

LA Fitness started construction in the old Huffman Koos space, but, construction has stalled, after making a new parking lot.

I'll keep you posted.

The Lawrence Shopping Center is located at 2495 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Township.

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