Nowadays we are all trying to get that perfect shot that will get us a ton of like on the 'gram. Those cool shots are always tough to find and sometimes the filters don't even help us.

We found this Philadelphia photographer, Josh Pellegrini, that goes by @travel_pel on Instagram and his photography skills are on another level. Just by scrolling through Pellegrini's IG feed we got some good ideas of some spots to hit up for that perfect IG pic.

If we were to try the shots @travel_pel has on his IG it will probably end up just like those memes that say "expectation vs reality," all bad.

We've created a list of our favorite pics that Pellegrini has captured of Philadelphia.

Even @travel_pel is fishing for that big "like" from Bryce Harper in this IG pic for boathouse row.


The Philadelphia photographer is all over the city. Check out this shot of the Reading Terminal Market.

This is definitely one spot you want to go get a pic at. We didn't even know it existed.

Pellegrini's videos are fire also.

We hope that one day we can run into @travel_pel and be his model for some of his great shots.

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